Hair Addiction & Loc Set both 10% off with code natural at check out
Hair Addiction & Loc Set both 10% off with code natural at check out
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We have everything from hair, face, body, and feet!!

Backstory to why we began:

My brand is focused on eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and more. It was always a interest of mine when I was introduced to psoriasis at 9 by my uncle who had it badly. It really bothered me how he would spend so much money on prescriptions and creams that would mask it but not soothe it for long periods of time. It was short lived a few days and he would be right back where he was with it. So I give birth to my second child in 2013 and he had mild eczema that aveeno eczema worked fine. But while pregnant I birthed my brand because I knew so many people suffering with these skin issues I wanted to help soothe them. So January 2018 I birthed my third child who has a severe case of eczema where she can only wear cotton clothes because any other material flares her skin. So every product I make I test on my second and third child along with a few trustful friends then I release it to the public.

Our products are handmade, organic and effective!

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