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Kids gummy multivitamin
Kids gummy multivitamin
Hines Body Works LLC

Kids gummy multivitamin

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A 80-100 gummy bear packed container with everything you need!

vegan, no gmo, gluten free (strawberry agave syrup for flavoring)

Keep bottle in fridge or cool place because capsules will melt when in contact with heat because it easily dissolves for the digestion system to work quickly with your body.

 Red raspberry-vitamin b, calcium, iron, cardiovascular health, copper, potassium, magnesium, aids, fertility, promotes milk production, helps stop excess bleeding after birth, regulates menstrual cycles, decrease heavy menstruals, calms cramping, boosts immunity

Nettle-iron, calcium, zinc, chromium, helps with arthritis and joint pain, treats prostate, treats eczema, treats urinary, tract infection, promotes kidney health, strengthen bones, fights anemia, soothes asthma 
Peppermint-potassium, phosphorus, vitamin a and c, iron, calcium, copper, riboflavin, thiamine, irritable bowel, indigestion, heartburn, cold, cough, morning sickness, vomiting, nausea, sinus infection, respiratory infection, menstrual cramps
Coconut-boost immune, controls blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, aids digestion, bone strength, increase thyroid production, balance hormones, regenerate cells, increase metabolism 
Orange-boost heart health, lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney disease, keeps bones and teeth strong, good vision, regulates high blood pressure, protects cardiovascular system 
Turmeric-controls, blood sugar, improves digestion, immune boost, improves memory, prevents tooth decay, prevents Alzheimer’s, reduces arthritis pain, reduce heart disease, protects lungs, treats asthma